Maleficent found herself strolling aimlessly through another world. As she neared a large tower she looked up and spotted a familiar figure sitting there. She materialized behind the boy and called out cooly, “Hello dear.”

Jumping in surprise for a moment, Riku quickly composed himself, pulling himself to his feet again and summoning his keyblade as a reflex. “Maleficent…What’re you doing here?” He spoke coldly, glaring over to the woman.

Maleficent smiled at his response. She was glad to see that her presence alone evoked such a response in the boy. Feigning as though she were insulted she replied, “My, my, my, such anger towards someone who took you under their protection.”

"Protection? Ha! I’d hardly call what you did protecting." He continued to glare at her, holding up his keyblade as he stood in a defensive stance.